Taxi Driver
To Doctor
By Derek Ambrose

The journey of an ordinary person with learning constraints, disease affected rising to the top of personal and academic achievement, against considerable odds.

Reason to buy

This is just one of those books that many people have commented once I picked it up I couldn't put it down.

His beliefs, concerns, ambitions, fears and above all a true reflection of who he is are all laid very bare in this very close up and personal account of an extraordinary life.

The story is a vividly honest and searching insight into the real person who brings endless energy, passion and a positive can do attitude to which has a significant influence on the people near and distant from him. It is called the "Ambrose Affect".

What they Say?

I LOVED IT, IT’S SPECTACLUR, Started reading it and couldn’t put it down, finished at 3.53 this morning. Started reading this arvo, can’t put it down. I was very impressed with what I saw and you have had a remarkable life! Awesome can I get a copy! "It's great, and a very easy read". "Certainly a book to be proud of". "This book has lots of very valuable content". "This book certainly needs to be published". "It is a Cracker"!!!

Read it all on launch night could not put it down! I've just finished the book. I spent some time this afternoon checking out what new course I can do at uni. I call it the 'Ambrose Effect'. You've thrown a rock into a stale pool with your book. The ripples just keep expanding and touching people- either helping them transform or at least getting them thinking. THANK YOU for handing me back my future.

The Author

The author is one of Australia's many achievers. His significant achievements are respected and admired in the context of a difficult start to life. He has achieved at the highest academic level, whilst having a successful career, and prominent social standing, despite encountering many challenges along the way. His story is littered with funny tales, the depths of despair culminating with a very powerful and inspirational ending.